Monday, June 15, 2009

Gambit's Quirk

I mentioned not that long ago that I seem to write more about Sammy and Vladi than Gambit because he's just not that funny. Yesterday when I was bringing home some new clothes I got for Fiona to replace the ones stolen in her diaper bag last week I remembered the funny thing that Gambit does.

Gambit likes the smell of brand new clothes. He doesn't care any more once they've been washed but when you bring home anything new he gets excited and won' leave you alone until you let him stick his head in the bag and sniff them. I don' t know what it is that he find so appealing but there you go.

You can see below what I mean about him being generally dignified though.

Yeah the cat's butt does mar that last one but Gambit looks handsome.

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