Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who Buy's These Things?

I am pro heal. Yep I'm one of those ladies who wears stilettos most days and sometimes other women ask me how I manage that. The fact of the matter is I'm used to it, and I sit a lot. One upside is virtually everyone I know thinks I'm tall which isn't true, I'm 5'4" which is average.

However I was looking for a pair of sandals for Fiona because the pair she had were in the diaper bag that was stolen (Okay I'll shut up about that now, it just pisses me off). I saw several different pairs for toddlers with a heal. Why? Is there a demand for sexier toddlers? Do their cute little pudgy legs look nicer if they have a little heal? Are Moms so fascinated with fashion that they feel the need to buy shoes that can't be comfortable and I'm sure aren't easy for a small child to walk in?

When I was about ten I recall going with my Mom to several shoe stores trying to find sandals for me that didn't have a heal, but that was because I was wearing adult sizes. We eventually gave up and I wound up with a pair very similar to the ones pictured below except much larger and I'm sad to say in a tropical palm tree print.

Here's the thing, these shoes are very cute. I would wear them myself but they come in toddler sizes and that just doesn't seem appropriate to me.

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Schelle said...

i totally agree with the heal thing. I don't wear stilletos but then I don't wear shoes if i can help it. I like shoes with thick heals tho.

but yes, finding shoes for kids that don't have heals is a major pain.