Monday, May 25, 2009

The Folsom Zoo

Do you know it took me all day to get these stupid pictures to load?

Any way it was a busy weekend. Friday we went out to pizza with Dave's parents and one of his brothers and his wife. Saturday we did chores all say. Sunday we went to the Folsom Zoo with Dave's mom his brother and his wife.

The zoo is pretty cool. It's very small but pretty much all the animals were rescued either after being injured in the wild or being kept places they should not have been (honestly who gets a pet tiger?). The very first cage was a little odd though because it was feral cats. Domestic cats sleeping on cat trees.....yeah that's what I go to the zoo for. The Mountain Lions though were impressive and a little scary.

My Brother in law took a family portrait of us. Fabulous isn't it.
Then we rode the train. Johnny Cash would be disappointed because as far as I know these are the only train tracks any ware near Folsom prison and there was no dining car.
From left to right: Fiona, Dave, Me, MIL, SIL (AK), & BIL (P)

And we just got home from a bbq at the home of Dave's other brother (the twin) and his wife (B&J). We are tired and Fiona is stinky.
On Wed Dave's little sister (AB) gets here for a few days. So much family such little time.

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Rye said...

Domestic cats, are you serious? (Maybe I could start my own zoo!)