Thursday, March 12, 2009


So with all your lovely encouragement I decided to do some more research on curly fries. In other words I googled and the answer was boring and prosaic. Apparently there is a special cutting tool and yes they waste a lot.

However Google didn't completely fail me, here are 3 answers that cracked me up. Sadly they were anonymous so I can't give credit to the people who said them.

#1. I grew up sort of rustic in the backwoods of Western New York and this is how we always did curly fries:
Step 1. Find your Mama's or Sister's curling iron...if it is good enough for hair it is good enough for taters.
Step 2. Fish out your best jack knife from your pockets and find some taters. Cut in a circular motion around the taters. When you feel you have enough spirals, arrange them around the curling iron and fire that sucker up. They will naturally curl around the device much as hair does.
Step 3. Repeat previous steps until the desired amount of curly fries is achieved.
Step 4. Now is the time to use that coffee can of bacon grease you have been saving. Measure out half a can into your biggest cast iron fry pan and fire it up till it bubbles. .
Step 5. Throw all the taters in and bubble up till crispy. Well, that's how us country folk used to do it in Western New York, but if you feel you have to invest in fancy machines and such go right ahead. I reckon I come from a simpler time. Ahem... I do admit my tongue was very much in cheek here, but I simply could not resist

#2. All fries are naturally curly, companies use hair gel to straighten them.

#3. They are actually the tails of pigs.

I also likes Roses idea of continuing my research by eating curly fries while turning the opposite direction.

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