Thursday, March 12, 2009

Starchy Goodness

How do they make curly fries? Do they actually cut them in a spiral? I'd think that would waste a lot. Is there some sort of potato curling device? Hmmm.


Colleen said...

your posts seem to make me hungry...chocolate, cherry icees now curly fries. damn you, woman!

TK said...

I have not had a french fry of any kind for about two weeks. I have been kind of on south beach. I went off the diet when we moved the parents in to Assisted Living. I always eat food that someone else cooks!! No matter what it is (well, no liver or venison). I love curly fries.

Roses said...

And if you turn in the opposite direction as you eat it, does it end up straight again?

I think you should do some hands-on research on that one.