Friday, March 27, 2009

What I Love About Camping

#1. Not showering for 3 days. It's not so much the being dirty part I enjoy it's the fact that when I do get to take a shower it's so much more satisfying than usual. Cummon washing off a light sheen of perspiration or washing off a head to toe dirt tan that actually requires a scrub brush to completely remove? Dirt tan all the way baby!

#2. (And this is my actual point) The lost art of conversation. There is no tv you have to actually talk to the people your with, or sometimes people you just met in the next camp site. And a lot of the time it's the sort of topics I like to bring up here. For example a conversation might go something like this.

1st person: I just saw (insert movie title here)

2nd person: I saw that. It was (insert good or bad comment)

3rd person: Really? I thought it was (insert opposing opinion)

2nd person: You know what movie I (loved/hatted)? (insert different movie title)

1st person : I read that book. I thought the movie was.......

you get the idea

It's not always as simple as a debate over movies it might be a discussion of some current event or telling stories of trouble we got in to as kids. I'm always pleased to discover that we don't run out of things to say to each other. And as long as you may have known these people, whether they're family or friends you get a new insight in to the workings of their minds.

I miss camping. We haven't gone since before I was pregnant and I imagine it will be somewhat different with kids. There will probably be less alcohol and some of the more R rated stories will need to wait until they are asleep but the conversation will continue. That makes me happy.

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