Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Small Explanation

I frequently refer to my pet rabbits as The Evil Bunnies. It's occurred to me that most of the people who read this probably don't understand how any one can dislike cute little fluffy bunnies. Yeah well you haven't met them.

Lets start with the fact that despite being small and cute they are brutal. Smokey has done more damage to me than any cat I've ever had and this includes the story I told here. That however I could forgive since he only did it out of fear.

They actually destroyed an entire room, a chaise, a lamp, a set of book shelves, two speakers, and the carpet (to be fair the carpet wasn't in very good shape any way). And again I forgave them as I feel it was my own darn fault for attempting to keep them indoors as all the rabbit literature said I should. We moved them in to the back yard and now that I've given up trying to keep them in their hutch we are all happy with the arrangement.

Nope the damage to my home doesn't really bother me any more it's the books. I love to read and re read. When I read a good book it's like finding a world I want to live in and I'm disappointed when I have to leave. So having my books ruined was a little like finding out a friend had died. I can't forgive them for this. I would never hurt an animal so they will be allowed to live their little bunny lives in peace but I'm not at all sad that said lives are approximately half way over.

The Carnage (the ones I can remember):

Les Miserable
Memoirs of a Geisha
Various Agatha Christies (hard back matched set)
Forgotten English
A book about wedding planing (I've forgotten the name but it was a gift)
All my hard back Stephen King's (about 20)
The Haunting
A Dictionary
A Thesaurus
The Case Book of Forensic Science*
6 by Seuse
Several Books by Edward Gorey
The Calvin & Hobs boxed set
Watership Down (ironic no?)

*Interestingly on at lease 2 episodes of Forensic Files the owning of this book was considered incriminating so I guess they did me a favor if I'm ever accused or Murder.


Roses said...

Not the Stephen Kings!!!!

(Funny that we'd both mention his name today.)

Dani said...

Actually I must confess, I almost told you this story as a coment in your blog but then it was to long so I wrote my own post. I should have given you credit for the inspiration.

Roses said...

You think I'm inspiring!

(BTW: I wrote tomorrow's post before you told me that. Just so you know...)

9volter said...

hi dear, first i wanna thank u for ur comments on very nice of u, and i must say i like ur blog too! i added the link to my own blog, hope u don't mind?
ps: i like the miserable and agatha christie's books as well
i wish u a very nice day ;-)

leeann said...

I had a giantous rabbit, adopted from the pet store I worked at, who ate my entire bathroom. Rugs, cabinet, towels, shower curtain, baseboards...
We searched out a rabbit rescue op near home and quickly lied like politicians to get him in there.
They will, btw, take anything if you say you're moving to Russia for your health. *cough cough look pale cough*