Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mystery of the Vanishing Pants

I need to buy some new jeans. I've been telling myself no the ones I have are pretty new but I realized this morning the the last time I bought any was 2 jobs ago which means at least three years. And they are starting to look too run down for wearing to work.

The weird thing is before I got pregnant I had 4 pairs. But of coarse those were one of the first things I wasn't able to wear so I folded them up and put them away in my closet. When I was able to get back in to them I went in to my closet and there are only 3 pairs.

Did the sock eating monster that lives in the dryer get to them? Did I take them off somewhere and leave them (seems unlikely) ? Did I put them somewhere other than my closet when I was suffering from pregnant brain? Did I really only have 3 pairs to begin with? It's been bugging me for months and I may never know the answers.

Where did my pants go?

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Roses said...

I've always known that giving birth causes women to lose brain cells, but I didn't know it causes loss of pants as well.