Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Boldly Go....Nowhere

I would not like to live on the star ship Enterprise. Not because of all the getting attacked and possibly dying (and lets face it I look good in red) but because I think the actual living on the ship part would be really really boring.

Think about it, all they have for entertainment is that bar where no one ever seems to get a buzz and the holodeck. So alright you could got virtual hiking or whatever but what if you just want to go shopping and not for those hideous unitards they all wore (the actors must have had to work out all the time...or invest in a lot of spanks)? What if you want to adopt a puppy? The Enterprise is puppy free. Do you want to live in a puppy free universe? I don't.

How about if you had something you wanted to keep private. Ya know like if you had a foot fetish or enjoyed dressing up in your grandmas clothes (side note: I've actually seen granny tranys so I'm not making that one up), or you caught something embarrassing you don't want to go to the ships doctor about. It would be hard to keep your private life private.

Dave pointed out that it would also be hard to get crack. I suspect you have to pass random drug tests to be a crew member so I doubt there'd be a big demand for crack but he's right.

How about if someone you work with is annoying? I used to work with this woman who drove me up the wall, she was perfectly nice to me but she thought the world was going to end soon and was collecting caned food so she'd be prepared (I'm not kidding) she was also on her 5th husband and wanted to give me relationship advise. Can you imagine not only having to work with someone like that but live with them too. I wonder what the homicide statistics were for the Enterprise.

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Roses said...

And how often would supplies be refilled?
You want a tragic episode of Star Trek? Have them run out of toilet paper 3 days away from the nearest supply ship.

Talk about "boldly going..."