Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Handy New Skill

Last night Dave had to run to the grocery store to get dog food and toilet paper while I made Fiona's dinner (Butter noodles with a side of Mandarin oranges). When he got home he dumped the TP on the couch and went to feed the dogs. Since we had a few minutes between Fiona's dinner and bath time I sat down on the couch with her to play. Low and behold she discovered that a 12 pack of TP is the bestest toy EVER! She was beating on it and squeezing it and launching her whole body at it and not doing any damage. Every time she shows an interest in something I explain what it is hoping she'll pick up some of the words. Last night was a success when I explained the the TP was for cleaning up poo-poo she immediately repeated poo-poo. I don't think I'm putting that one down as her first word in her baby book.


TK said...

Please keep posting the cute baby stories about my darling grandaugther! Thanks.

Colleen said...

Ha Ha! Love it! Bobby's favorite toy is the tp cardboard tube, a "do-do-do"...He loves us to yell do do do into it while chasing him down the hall...who needs expensive toys and gadgets when TP is so fun!