Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brilliant Marketing Plan

Back when I worked retail the corporate management used to come up with some insanely bad ideas that they would implement thinking it would improve business. For example drastically reducing our inventory. The idea was that with less stock we could arrange the items to be more aesthetically pleasing, the customers however complained that there was no selection.

My favorite bad idea was this. They decided that we needed to focus on good customer service, which isn't a bad plan however, to advertise this they made buttons they wanted all the associates to wear that said, "we sell satisfaction." I happened to be in the back room when the box of buttons was opened with two other employees and my boss all of whom were also female. We looked at the buttons in silence for about 30 seconds. I looked my boss straight in the eye and said, "I'm not wearing one of those." My coworkers seconded the motion and my boss said there was no way she'd ask us to. Within a week corporate sent out a memo scraping the plan as it was brought to their attention that the phrase could be interpreted as suggestive. That was money well spent.

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