Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mom Says a Hippo Would Eat Me Up For Din.....

So because of the previously mentioned insanity I suffer from (actually I can't really say I'm suffering. I pretty much enjoy it) last night when I was falling asleep I was thinking about Hippo attacks. Not work, not Fiona, not even the random little stories I make up to put myself to sleep but Hippo attacks. So I know they're actually very dangerous even though they look like big ol cuddlebugs but I don't actually know where they rank among other dangerous animals. Are there more Crocodile attacks or Hippo attacks every year? And how about Sharks versus Hippos? I tried to Google it and you know what? I can't find a single actual number. The best I can find is a few sites that say that Hippos attack more people each year than any of the other animals in Africa. I even found one that said they attack more people than the "big 5 " in Africa combined but they don't specify what the big 5 are (If I had to guess I'd say Lion's, Tigers, Crocodiles, Elephants, and Rhino's but I could be wrong). If Hippos are so dangerous why is there no hard data? I suspect a smear campaign against the much maligned Hippo.

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