Monday, December 22, 2008

Did You Know I Was Insane?

You did? Why didn't you give me a heads up? It came as a complete surprise to me when I realized I'd planed to host 3 events in my home this week. I knew I'd planed these things it just didn't occur to me that they were all within 4 days of each other. Sure I knew Christmas eve and Christmas day were together and I knew Fiona was born near Christmas but......umm I have no way to finish that sentence.

Any way the first event was Fiona's 1st birthday yesterday and it went very well. Fiona loved all the attention (I wonder where she got that from?) and didn't ruin the white dress I put her in while destroying the chocolate cupcake I made her. We took about 5,000,000 pictures and I'm hoping to have them processed tonight so I post a few. Of coarse the one I'm particularly excited about is the one of her hugging the cat which is not so much birthday related but does illustrate the strange love/terrify relationship they have.

I'm sure I will also have pics from our Christmas extravaganza in a few days.


Amy Baldwin said...

where are the Fiona birthday pictures??!!!! Maybe I shoul dbug Paul!??

Schelle said...

here's a tip from someone with a kid with an xmas time birthday....plan a party in June. :) Gives you a seperate time to focus on her exclusivly and frees up a bit of time in December.

It is also great for "Mom! I want thhhhaaaaaaat" and you can say "wait till you're party" otherwise that's a long year to wait.:)

Deb Henson said...

Youare SOO lucky that Fiona did not trash her dress! after Betsy had her cake it looked like she batehd in pink and blue icing (yeesh) by the way those pics are finally up on myspace next time you wander over there. I can't wait for you and Dave to resolve your pic issues cause even though I already know Fiona was beautiful at her first bday I wanna see it lol!