Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Worry Pics Are On The Way

I know I said we'd try to process the birthday pics last night but last night Dave had to go to the store to get the MEAT (it's in caps in his head so it's in caps here too) for our next event in the marathon O' celebrations, Christmas eve.

Actually Christmas eve should be fun as it's just Dave's two brothers and their wives and they're pretty much the only people we hang out with any way so this will be more like a normal Saturday night than a holiday celebration. My two Sisters in law and I will drink far more than we should and the boys will ignore it and pretend that we haven't gotten really annoying. They're good men. Oh and to make sure everyone is in the proper mood we'll probably turn on the DVR and play all the Christmas episodes of South Park 'cause we're like that.

Anyway hopefully we'll get the pics processed tonight and sent out to the family and into my Flikr account so I can post 'em here as well.

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