Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OMG the Hell!

So let me ask you something? Seriously I'm interested.

Have you ever read fanfiction?

There's a million different kinds out there for every TV show, movie, book, heck probably even reality shows have fanfiction. Now this isn't normally my thing but I started reading some contest entries and it's like a train wreck you can't look away.

Now I can't spell to save my life but that's what spell check is for and I'm sure I make occasional grammatical errors or use a word incorrectly but in general I try really hard to avoid making myself look stupid in public.

Seriously people try just reading through what you wrote. You might catch the times you typed the same word twice. Also if you don't actually know what something means don't try to use it.

Here are some choice examples I've come across today.

But even a fracture of my passion for Bella could cause this man to be dangerously persistent. (I think the word your looking for is fraction)

I expelled that thought out of my mind before it had time to plant itself in me. (what?)

he slowly moves a quietly as he possibly can like a lion surrounding its prey (wow and I thought it took multiple lions to surround anything)

I hade made it, and more. (okay that's not a sentence and hade isn't a word)

Now some fanfiction isn't that bad. It's even written by people who apparently speak the language. Most of it though make me wonder how these people made it to, let alone through, high school.

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