Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crushes I've had

In chronological order and to the best of my memory.

Age 6- Peter Pan
Age 12- George Michael (the closet door was still firmly closed plus I was 12 what the heck did I know?)
Age 13- Axl Rose
Age 15- Tommy Lee (and this was before we all knew about....that thing we all know now)
Age 18- Gambit (from the X-Men. Mmmmm Cajun)
Age 21- Frank D'Ambrosio (look him up. The man has charisma)
Age 28- Spike (from Buffy. Strangely the first specific vampire I had a crush on)
edit Age 29- Stuart Townsend (OMG I can't believe I forgot to put him in here)
Age 30-Orlando Bloom (I know, I know but I've loved pirate movies since I was a kid and in the first one he looked like Errol Flynn at the end yay!)

Looking back I suppose I should be embarrassed but no. I can still see what it was that attracted me then even for the ones who aren't real people.

Rock Stars, Pirates, Vampires apparently if you can pull off wearing leather pants I'm all over it.

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