Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Weird Customers

When I used to work at the music store we used to occasionally get homeless people coming in. At least I assume they were homeless because they were filthy and smelled and had tattered clothing. Maybe they just had really bad personal hygiene I don't know. The strange thing was they always hit on me. I assume it was because I was polite and treated them like human beings. Generally I take being admired as a complement even if I have no interest in the person admiring me but these guys not so much. Do I look like I can't do better than some lice covered bum? I may not be the hottest person in the world but I think I can safely shoot a little higher than that. Also did you thing this through? Where did you think you were going to take me on a date? To hang out in your box under an overpass? These days I find it funny but at the time it was disturbing.

So okay spill did you ever have anyone completely strange hit on you?

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