Thursday, July 17, 2008


Several years ago there was a pretty big fire near our neighborhood. If you went out to our front yard you could see it burning on a hill directly down our street. It was both fascinating and scary watching the fire fighters efforts to get it under control. After a couple hours as the neighborhood was getting pretty smokey and we were hearing reports that some houses were threatened I began to get a little nervous that we might need to evacuate. Dave said nah it was miles away. I'm not a good judge of distance but I know fires can move quickly when they get going so it seemed like a good idea to be prepared. We'd already locked both dogs and the cat inside because of the smoke so I made sure I knew where the leashes and the cat carrier were, I rounded up the photo albums so they were in one place, and I packed a suitcase.

They got the fire under control, no houses got burned, and we didn't need to evacuate. In hind site I'm extra glad we didn't because do you know what I packed in that suitcase? 1 change of clothes, my makeup, my good jewelry, and 10 of my favorite pairs of shoes. I only had one pair of underwear but my feet were gonna be stylin.

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