Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.-Bob Marley

Okay I know I've been a whiny little b**ch lately complaining. "I don't feel good", "I have a cold", "wah wah wah" but this is just ridiculous. I coughed so hard I damaged a rib. It's sticking out and tender to the touch and hurts like a motherf***er every time I have to cough. I looked it up and it's possible to crack a rib from coughing. Now I don't want to be a drama queen (right this minute) so I figure it's more likely a bruised or pulled muscle but come on why can't I just get a normal cold? I don't need to win the "I am so sick" contest. Okay end rant but that's why I haven't been so much with the funny or creative so be patient with me. I promise some day when I can breathe without pain I'll return to your regularly scheduled nonsense.


leeann said...

I kind of think when your rib sticks out and hurts it's time to go to the doctor and let him do... well, whatever is done for sticky-outtie ribs. I hope you feel better soon.

Roses said...

The unscheduled nonsense is just as pleasant.

Dani said...

Thanks ladies. I know (hangs head) I should go to the Dr. I'm the opposite of people who go in for every little sniffle. "What I cut off a finger? Slap a band-aid on it. I'll be fine"

It's geting better but if it doesn't improve quickly I promise I'll get it checked out.