Monday, July 7, 2008

Kids are Cute

Fiona is almost as fond of pictures as I am. I've got dozens up around the house and she likes to look at them while we tell her who they are "look it's your Auntie___" or "See that's Mommy and your in her tummy". I hung a ribbon board* over her changing table has some pictures on it that I thought she'd like. She's always very interested in looking at these while we change her but last night as I was getting her ready for bed she got this big grin on her face and started reaching for the picture of her two cousins. I like to think she recognized them but it might just be because they are children. I thought this was cute so I sent an email to my sister in law to tell her Fiona missed her kids. She responded that her youngest (about 22 mos) has a picture of Fiona that she likes to carry around every ware. If those two don't wind up being friends I'll be surprised.

*a ribbon board is a bit like a bulletin board but you tuck the pictures or whatever under the various ribbons that criss cross it rather than using pins.

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