Friday, July 11, 2008

It Just Shows What a Small Penis You Have

What is is about the iphone? If you want to own one be my guest, I've got better things to waste my money on like booze and shoes. However if you do buy one keep in mind this does not make you better than anyone, as a matter of fact all of the people who didn't buy one think your a tard.

Maddox says it better than I ever could.

Update: At lunch time we went to baystreet with a friend to buy some baby clothes & there were about a hundred people waiting in line outside the Apple store. Our friend was driving and had to parallel park. She did it beautifully although cautiously and the schmoes waiting in line were laughing and clapping and pointing. Way to prove my point dumbass! By the time we left and hour later the line was easily twice as long and those same asses who'd been so rude still hadn't made it in the store.

Ummmm I'd also like to point out that my ire is not directed at Grace who has an iphone and occasionally reads this. She is always polite and charming and generally lives up to her name. I just have issues with rude people.

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