Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cut and Style

I need a hair cut. The lady that cut my hair last time did a terrible job. I part my hair on the side and she didn't understand why I didn't want her to cut it like I part it in the middle. She cut a chunk of hair that wasn't bangs the same length as my bangs. And when she styled it well I looked like Salt N Pepa circa 1989 which was wrong for many reasons. I had to go home and wash it because she'd used so much product that it was disgusting to touch. I've finally got it grown out enough that I think it can be salvaged but since I'm going to have to find a new stylist I thought I'd better take in a picture so I don't wind up looking like an anachronism again. Why is is that all hairstyle photos look like either a large rodent died on the models head or the stylist used a weed whacker? I mean the flowbee got better results.

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