Thursday, June 12, 2008

Veteran Status

Fiona has this thing where she won't sleep very well if she's not wrapped up tightly with her arms pined to her sides. This was not really an issue until recently because we had these things called swaddlers which were kinda like a cross between a blanket and a straight jacket for babies. Unfortunately Fiona's now to big for them and escapes from them Incredible Hulk style which causes her to wake up which in turn causes us to wake up. While she learns to sleep without being bound like a mummy we're trying a few alternatives. Last night I put her in this thing called a sleep sack that's pretty much what it sounds like, a sack with sleeves but in an attempt to keep her arms in check I didn't put them in the sleeves and tucked the empty sleeves behind her. When I went in to her room around 2 am because she woke up she had managed to get her left arm all the way in to the sleeve this made 2 impressions on me. First marvel at the evidence that she is clearly a genius, not even six months old and mastering one of the basics of dressing herself. Second with the other sleeve empty and tucked neatly away she looked like the worlds smallest injured veteran this made me sad.

BTW if my posts seem extra incoherent or angry today that's 'cause for the second night this week I only slept for about 3 hours last night. This was not Fiona's fault I just couldn't get my brain to turn off.

Fiona I'd like to apologize for passing on all my weird sleep issues. On the up side someday when asked to tell your first grade class about your family you'll be able to say, "I have Daddy's eyes and Mommy's insomnia." Love ya baby girl.


Michelle said...

Find any nurse that works in a hospital nursery. have a baby blanket and a doll, or baby if needed. They could have her wrapped up in 3 seconds.

They should have some sort of Nurses rodeo. Kinda like the ones where they tie up the calves feet.

Use to be you didn't leave the hospital without learning how to do that. what do they teach in maternity wards these days?

Dani said...

Nope I know how to swaddel her with a blanket. The swaddelers worked better. However she's now to big for both.