Friday, June 27, 2008

Evil Dead the Musical

I'm a fan of Musicals. Yeah I know that's not really considered cool these days but you see pop music sucks so much ass. I also have a deep affection for B-movies. Evil Dead and it's aptly names sequel Evil Dead 2 are excellent examples of the genre (but NOT Army of Darkness it is a world of badness). So after Once More With Feeling (if you get that reference you can be my new best friend) Evil Dead the Musical is probably the best combination you could come up with if you wanted me to watch. It's coming to the Campbell theatre (so appropriate) in Martinez but sadly I probably won't get to see it. I don't think I can talk Dave in to taking me and I don't think I know anyone else who would want to go. If you see it please let me know how it was.

Interesting piece of trivia (if you happen to be a weirdo like me): There was an English musical called Return to the Forbidden Planet that I guess kinda fizzled and didn't make it across the Atlantic to Broadway but it did win the Olivier award which is the British equivalent to a Tony. You know what it was up against & beat? Miss Saigon. My parents found a framed poster for it at an auction and it's hanging in my room. If you've seen it let me know what you thought of that too.

Um if you've seen both maybe we should start hanging out particularly if you got the Once More With Feeling thing. I've got a poster for that one too.

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Michelle said...

I got it!!! do I get a cookie?

to be honest, I double checked my answer cause I started doubting my first impression.

Bitter Suite was good too