Friday, May 30, 2008

Lip Gloss

There is something about lip gloss I can't resist. It's particularly weird since although I wear makeup every day I almost never put anything on my lips besides chap stick. I must own 25 kinds of gloss and probably almost as many lip sticks which I never wear (to cakey). Usually if you check my purse there's at least half a dozen tubes of gloss. Lets see how many I have today....1...2....3.........7 glosses, 3 lip sticks, 1 lip liner, & 2 chap sticks (1 colored) and this is when I've just come home from a trip in which case I would have taken all those out of my purse for the flight. I wonder what they put in this stuff that I find so hard to resist. I wonder if it's crack. I bet it is, there's crack in my lip gloss!

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