Monday, August 24, 2015

I carried it too far, that’s for sure.-Jeffrey Dahmer

Coworker 1: If you could shoot somebody in the head who would it be? Like if there would be no legal repercussions and God said it was okay who would you shoot?

Pause while we think

Coworker 2: Charles Manson.

Coworker 1: Okay. Why him specifically?

Coworker 2: Because I think he's a waste of existence and it would save the tax payers money.

Another pause while we absorb this

Me: I love how he has a really great answer and I'm over here thinking of all the people I know going, "Hmmmm so many options."

1 comment:

Roses said...

OMG. You have *got* to stop being so much like me.
It's freaking me out.

(But don't stop, 'k?)