Saturday, January 17, 2015

The scientist is motivated primarily by curiosity and a desire for truth.-Irving Langmuir

Fiona: Is the Earth upside down right now?

Me: What?

Fiona: The Earth is it upside down?

Me: Oh no sweetie. The Earth is never really upside down it's just that it spins like this (Makes spinning basketball gesture) and sometimes we are facing the Sun and sometimes we are facing the Moon. When we face the Sun it's daytime and when we face the Moon it's night.

Fiona: But sometimes. Pretend I'm the Earth and the Sun is here and the Moon is here (makes unclear gesture but I speak Fona so it's clear to me).

Me: Oh well okay....Here it's like this (grabs item off counter).

Fiona: A baby bottle?

Me: Pretend this is the sun (bottle) and this is the Earth (soda can) and this is the moon (can of vienna sausages). See the Earth is spinning (twists can) but while it's spinning it's going around the Sun (spin  and circle baby bottle). Okay?

Fiona: Yeah!

Me: Okay yeah but while the Earth is spinning and going around the Sun the Moon (adds vienna sausage can) spins and goes around the Earth (makes everything spin and circle in complicated counter item dance). So that's why (stops when baby bottle and vienna sausages are next to each other in front of soda can) sometimes you can see the Sun and the Moon at the same time.

Fiona: (Huge impressed eyes) Wow! It's like you took Science!

Me: It is like I took Science isn't it?

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