Saturday, March 1, 2014

Texting is a fundamentally sneaky form of communication, which we should despise, but it is such a boon we don't care. We are all sneaks now.-Lynne Truss

Things I text to Dave

Dec 13, 2013: Just sharing a really non sexy update about my boobs.

Dec 18, 2013: Perfect! Sorry I seem to have the knack for calling when you are in a meeting.

Dec 20, 2013: These days I have a hard time avoiding wearing whatever I eat. I just discovered I had a big smear of chocolate across my boob. I hope it wasn't there very long.

Dec 30, 2013: I see they want your clean blood.

Jan 9, 2014: Remember the red sparkly hat we bought for the fake glamor shots? I totally just saw an old lady wearing one.

Jan 10, 2014: Cool. Did Big Monkey make it home?

Jan 14, 2014: Dude! I just saw a commercial for a drug that is suppose to make sex after menopause not hurt. WTF I didn't even know that was a problem. Being a woman kinda sucks.

Jan 15, 2014: Downside to taking it easy. Sitting still sends Daphne the message that, "Now would be a great time for you to do your Rockets impression."

Jan 15, 2014: Both the dog and the cat are talking in their sleep.

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