Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cousins are like Bras… close to the heart and always there for support.-Anonymous

Since we're both pined down nursing my fellow new Mom E and I have been spending a lot of time texting back and forth. This morning I sent her a good morning observation about how babies are like cats (more on that latter) which led eventually to the following exchange.

E: Some of the cutest moments are when she's nursing but I just can't bring myself to take a picture of it since 3/4 of the frame will be boob.

Me: I'm actually loling because I do exactly the same thing.

E: HAHA! I keep trying to figure out how I can take the picture without boobs in the shot but my arms don't bend in that direction.

E: And just where does that picture go in the album?

Me: You save that one special to put in her senior year book.

Me: Or the montage at her wedding.

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