Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Goodbye to a good dog

I came home tonight to find Gambit had died. Lets not discuss the details of the next hour or so because it was really kinda awful but despite being a little hysterical I managed to get him to the vets office. They were really great and sympathetic and non judgy that I wasn't entirely rational and took good care of his final needs.

Gambit was a good dog. He was smart and handsome and on at least one occasion (possibly two more) he and Sammy scared off a sketchy character from our old house.

He has nearly 14 and had a breathing problem that was beginning to effect his quality of life. I wish he hadn't died all alone like that but I'm glad it was fast and he was happy the last time I saw him alive.

Goodbye Gambit you will always be my handsome boy.


Becky Berry said...

I'm so sorry! We had a dog pass away when I wasn't there. Made me so sad. Memories of him still make me giggle though.

Andrea K. said...

He was a good dog. I was so sad to hear that he is gone. I love that picture, he was so regal!

Roses said...

Gambit was a lucky boy to have had you and Dave (and Fiona) as long as he did. You gave him a good, caring, loving home.

You did good.