Monday, April 2, 2012

You know you've made it when you've been moulded in miniature plastic.-Cate Blanchett

So I was buying wine. You're shocked because I never drink, I know, I know. So there was this paper thingy on one of the bottles.

I was looking at the blank side and thought, "Ya know what this looks like?"
And then I got silly with the picture of Fiona on my desk.
Which of coarse led to more silliness at home.

Baby Fiona as a Troika (Which is apparently the proper name for those little wooden nesting dolls)
Vladi as a Troika
One of my nieces as a Troika (hope her parents don't mind)
Me as a Troika
It is ridiculous how much fun I was having doing this. I'm totally going to start carrying this thing around making Troikas of all the people I meet....'cept I'm totally lazy so maybe not.

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Roses said...

I can totally picture you doing something similar to that Kids in the Hall gag where the guy looks at people from a distance between his finger and thumb and says, "I crush your head!"

"I make you a troika!"