Thursday, January 12, 2012

Am I grumpy? I might be. But I think maybe sometimes it's misinterpreted.-Harrison Ford

Here's what's been going on.

Twice in the last couple weeks.

Two times.

Count them, one, two.

Twice I've gone through multiple job interviews and been told I'm in the final candidates (in one case the guy even said he was leaning towards me) and in both cases they did not choose me. Btw the second one was after that other post about the two job leads, making this a third good job lead.

Now neither one was my dream job (though the first one paid really well) but it's so disappointing and frankly exhausting. All that pretending I'm a people person, which I am NOT. And waiting to hear one way or the other and not even getting a "sorry they chose someone else" phone call from the temp agency that set up the interview.

I am wiped out and at times a bit grumpy. And being grumpy gives me writers block.

There's the big secret of my blog. If I'm not posting regularly you can assume I'm sick or upset. But the good news is I'm cheering up.  I've been writing posts the last few days, I didn't get around to posting them but still progress.


Dani said...

Hey Oblivious Beast I tried to publish your coment but for some reson it's not showing. (grumbling swear words about Blogger under my breath)

But you have a good point. I wasn't interested in marrying either one of em though the rich one was appealing (waggles eyebrows rakishly).

Roses said...

I hear ya, sista.
The gaps in my posting are caused by the same things yours are.

Rest assured, you're worth waiting for.

And so is that better job that's waiting for you.

TK said...

So sorry. This makes me want to cry. I know you would be a wonderful person to have in any job. I am sorry some other non deserving person is somehow being hired instead of you. I hope you will soon be offered two jobs at once and have to choose between the two.