Monday, January 9, 2012

I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?-Sharon Stone

Sittin' around waitin' for the phone to ring.

Just sittin'

Don't want to vacuum 'cause I might miss the call (also I hate vacuuming but that's beside the point)

Stupid phone!

Ring already!.


Roses said...

Ring Ring!
Hello, Dani? Is your refrigerator running?


Oblivious Beast said...

I think of the job interviews like a blind date. Your checking each other out and seeing if it's a right fit. Some employers are good but shy dates, some are bitches with attitude. Interviewed at one place that not only told me why they didn't want me but had the gaul to e-mail me three weeks later telling me that the position was no longer open and I didn't need to worry about it anymore. (Not in those words) Made me think of them like a bitchy vindictive date that wanted you to know that not only were you a bad fit, but they found someone so much better.

Thinking of employers in the terms of prospective dates took some of the rejection out of the process for me. I'm still looking for "the one."

Roses said...

Oblivious Beast: Yes! I've always equated job hunting with dating. Even when a job isn't really something you want, you still want to know you were attractive to the other party.

You dress up (your resume) all pretty, flaunt it around a bit, and see who shows you a little interest.