Friday, January 13, 2012

All things are difficult before they are easy.-Thomas Fuller


Weird question but how many comments can you all see on yesterdays post?

I ask because what I published, what shows if I go to the comments history, and what actually show if I look at the blog are all different.

Anyhow unless you are spam I tried to publish your comment. And it appears everyone besides me can see all of them so I guess that's not an issue.

Oh FYI after all my complaining I got a call yesterday afternoon. So as of Monday I return to the ranks of the employed.


Oblivious Beast said...

Hey Dani! Read the comments below. I don't see mine either, but no worries. You made me laugh with the "rakish eyebrows." Glad you found 'the one.' Congratulations!

TK said...

What, you are hired?? Congrats. What about Ms Fiona??