Friday, October 14, 2011

This is a fierce bad rabbit; look at his savage whiskers,and his claws and his turned-up tail.-Beatrix Potter

I call Fiona "Bunny". Ya know as a term of endearment. If I call her "sweetie" or " honey" or "darling" she corrects me and says, "No Mommy, call me Bunny." So she's Bunny.

People who hear me call her Bunny probably just think "Cute little girl, cute little animal makes perfect sense." But of coarse they don't know my history with bunnies. If they did they'd probably wonder why I call my daughter after such awful pets. In actuality it's a reference to our cat.

Once long long ago when I'd never owned rabbits, wasn't a mother, and wasn't even married yet I got a kitten. He was black and made this adorable little blood thirsty face when he was playing so being me I named him Vladimir after Vlad the impaler (ya know Dracula). He was my baby and I loved him to death. One evening when he was sitting with his rear end pointed at me the way cats do I observed that his butt looked just like a rabbits except for the tail. From then on I called him Bunnybutt ' (who calls their pets by their actual names?) which was eventually shortened to just Bunny.

So when Fiona was born it was just natural for me to call my baby who I loved to death Bunny. Vladi doesn't mind sharing his nickname and Fiona doesn't know I'm calling her the cat's butt.


Megan said...

I call my cat fatty or killer(she kills things lots of things but mostly baby rabbits, we live in a rural area) I hardly call her by her name which is Callie.

Roses said...


Amy Baldwin said...

HUGE LAUGH! This is hysterical!

We call Luke "The Human Tornado" and Vivian an "Angel from Heaven"!! Hahaha, she is so darn easy!

and Cash, we call him "Cashhole"