Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everybody remember where we parked.-Kirk Star Trek IV

So the other night Dave and I watched Star Trek 4 and boy oh boy is that movie awesomely bad. Hadn't seen it in at least 15 years and it didn't hold up at all. We had a blast.

I'm more of a Star Wars girl (btw I'm taking an unpopular stance and saying I think Return of the Jedi is way better than Empire Strikes Back. I know a lot of people don't like the Ewoks but as I was a young girl when that came out I thought kick ass teddy bears were all kinds of awesome.) but I can embrace the trekkie lifestyle on occasion. Dave is a bit of a trekkie and I think I can say with some confidence that this is the one area of pop culture in which he out geeks me.

So not being a trekkie myself and Dave being unable to answer my question I put this to you. You guys were able to come through on my Spider Man question a few weeks back so I thought...ya know.

Here's the question. Earth is all one big happy family in the future right? In fact their part of the United Federation of Planets correct? So why is the ship the U.S.S. Enterprise? U.S.S. stands for United States Ship. Shouldn't it be U.F.P.S. (United Federation of Planets Ship) or just F.S. (Federation Starship). And don't tell me it's a holdover because that's a cop out and then it would still be H.M.S.

I bet there's an answer and I'm to lazy to Google it myself.

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Oblivious Beast said...

Hubby has answered your question. It's United Star Ship. He is vastly and bitterly disappointed in the reboot Star Trek movie and refuses to watch any of the franchise anymore... because "it didn't happen!"

It's a well known fact around here that the second movie in a series of three is always the worst. Back to the Future II, Empire Strikes Back, Batman Returns... etc. Can't think of anymore, heh.