Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life.-Charles M. Schulz

My almost 2 year old niece A came for a visit. As I was getting the girls in to the car to come home from the grocery store A saw an old pretzel sitting between the car seats (yes my car is gross. I have a kid, get over it) and started asking for chips.

This was the conversation in the back seat while we drove home.

A: I want chips.

Fiona: Mama said when we get home.

A: I want chips.

Fiona: When we get home okay?

A: I want chips.

Fiona: I can't give you any. I'm not magic, I can't pull them out of my pocket.

She is so ready to be a big sister (no that's not an announcement, I'm just saying)


Roses said...

That reminds me of a story:

When he was a toddler, one of our children (can't remember which one, we call them by the wrong names anyway) was sitting in his booster chair at the kitchen table eating cheesy poofs.
After he'd eaten quite a few, we took the bag away and told him he'd had enough. He held out a hand toward the bag, and we said, "No. They're all gone."

That's when he reached down into his booster seat, pulled out a cheesy poof, and pointed it up into the air as if he had just extracted Excaliber from a stone.
The look on his face clearly said, "HA!"

The Husband and I fell on the floor laughing.

Andrea K. said...

That is too funny, Fiona will be your right hand kid when you have a second! Welcome to my world with Adrienne. She will not let up when she wants something. Hmmmmmmm...... I wonder where she gets that? ;-)