Monday, April 18, 2011

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.-Author Unknown

Friday the doorbell rang. It was a strange man and a beagle. He was one of the crossing guards from the school across the street just coming on duty and he wanted to know if this was our dog. I said no I thought he probably belonged to our neighbors (the ones with 5 dogs all beagles and or beagle mixes). He said he'd checked there but no one was home.

The poor guy was worried the doggie would be hurt running around in all the end of the school day traffic. I noticed the dog had a tag complete with phone number and address so I said I'd take care of it (actually I would have any way but a phone number does make it easy).

I left a note for the neighbors but it turned out Charlie (see useful things tags) wasn't theirs. I had already called the phone number and left a message.

Charlie made himself at home. After he Sammy and Gambit all sniffed each other they all just lay down and went to sleep. Charlies Mom returned my call after a couple hours. And Charlies Dad came to get him a few minutes latter. They were both so grateful that I'd taken care of him. The Dad actually called me an angel. I decided not to explain why that is totally not true and just told him (quite truthfully) that I was happy I could help.

Sunday the doorbell rang and again it was Charlie this time with his family. They brought us some cookies and a thank you card.

It was nice that I could do something so simple that made someone else so happy.


Roses said...

I'm glad you were home and were able to help.
A lot of people would have been at work or leaving for it.

Good thing the crossing guard didn't bring you a stray child instead. Those are much more trouble than a dog. :-)

Dani said...

Roses-Weirdly I was thinking the same thing. In that case though I'd call the police.

Andrea K. said...

Charlie is so cute. I would have wanted to keep him! Make a trade at least, I am willing to give up Sam and Nelly these days.

Dani said...

I know! He ws very cute and friendsly and well behaved. If they'd shown any interest in Sammy I'd happily trade. a pain in the but but he has personality.