Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here comes Petter Cottontail. Hoppin' down the bunny trail.-Gene Autry

Allow me to be sticky sweet for a moment.

This is the first holiday Fiona has really gotten. She kinda understood Christmas. Who doesn't like getting gifts? But she wanted NOTHING to do with that scary house breaker in red.

Over the last week or so she's seen all the Easter candy/toys in the stores and asked for a chocolate bunny and bunny ears. I explained that the Easter bunny would be bringing her some stuff. Every time she asked for something I reminded her the Easter bunny would be here in 4 days or 3 days or tomorrow. So she understood last night that the Easter bunny would come after she went to sleep and leave her gifts.

When she got up this AM Dave and I were still asleep. I woke to, "MAMA THE EASTER BUNNY BROUGHT ME THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" In a tone that said, I thought you were pulling my leg but it's true, how could I have ever doubted you? Weeeeeeel we'll revisit that one again in a few years in a conversation that includes Santa and the Tooth Fairy as well as Mr. Cottontail. Due to my excellent relationship with the Easter Bunny as I had promised her the basket contained both a chocolate bunny and bunny ears. She raised her face to the ceiling and called, "THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY!"

She had a blast hunting for the plastic eggs which were hidden cunningly in plain sight. Once she had them all gathered she screamed(every thing has been loud this morning), "NOW WHO WANTS CHOCOLATE?!" She is insisting on sharing with us (not bad with coffee) and I feel a bit guilty that when I was a little girl I only "shared" the black jelly beans with my folks.

I hope your Easter is as much fun as mine has been.


LeeAnn said...

Fiona is a cool little bunny.
Makes me miss when my girls were little.

Dani said...

Ya know coming from you I take that as a heck of a complement.