Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well I guess I got the better end of the deal over the weekend. Fiona came down with a stomach bug in Tahoe. She's mostly better but Dave came down with it last night after they got home. So I'm taking care of them both today. I'm sure I was exposed to it thoroughly before we realised Dave was sick so....since Dave got it about two days after Fiona if I'm going to get it I should get sick Wednesday or Thursday. Yay!

I hope no one else who was in Tahoe caught it. I realise that's probably wishful thinking.


Amy Baldwin said...

BUMMER BUMMER BUMMER. Selfishly I hope its the flu since Luke and I both had flu shots..
Sorry Dani! Maybe you will eb like Andrea at DW and it will SKIP you??!

Ciccia said...

You should all take lots of probiotics, they help the immune system. My daughter and I are taking probiotics with Vit. B. But Axidophilus from Pegaso is also very good. Best wishes from Sicily!

Dani said...

Amy-I know! I've got my fingers crossed but I'm also a realist.

Ciccia-Good tip. I've taken a couple kinds before. Come to think of it I may still have some in the fridge from the last bout that went through the family.