Monday, February 28, 2011

Attraction is not a choice.-David DeAngelo

A friend sent me a link to a video. Turned out I liked the song. Not only that but I noticed that the guy singing it was quite pleasing to the eye. Not in a hard core crushing on him way but in a I'm neither blind or dead sort of way. While surfing around to see if I might also like other music by the same band I came a cross something that happened to have the handsome young mans birth date on it and suddenly I felt like a pedophile. I mean he's totally legal but I've recently come to discover that I think anyone who is ten years or more younger than I am is a child. Sorry people who are 25 it's really my problem not yours.


LeeAnn said...

I got the giggles thinking that I always think of people 35 or less to be the kids.
Get off my lawn.

Dani said...

Hey I'd rather be thought of as a kid than the old lady I sometimes feel like lol.

Weirdly now that you mention it the oposite is not true. Ten years older than me is not old (cause I'm gonna be there soon enough). Old gets farther and father away as I age. Old is at least 25 years older than me (has to include my parents who are 26 years older than me.)

Roses said...

My dad was a lot older when he turned 50 than The Husband was when *he* turned 50.

When I go to my high school reunions, I see 18 year old people who got older. When I go to The Husband's high school reunions, there's a bunch of 50 year old people there.

So weird.