Monday, January 3, 2011

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year's resolutions, and I've stuck with it ever since.-Dave Beard

New Years Eve Dani Style

8 (something) am: Dave was making noise packing up. I stayed in bed a read a book.

9 ish: Fiona got up Dave gave her breakfast. I answered questions about where things were. Eventually got out of bed and got Fiona dressed, even brushed her hair.

9:30 ish said bye and watched them drive off to the snow. Why didn't I go you ask? Well one I still wasn't feeling that great and two I HATE snow. It's cold and wet and involves physical activity which I never do for fun. Poured a cup of coffee and went back to bed with my book.

10:30: Took shower and used Netti pot because I had a headache. Got dressed put on make up and did my hair in an effort to convince myself I felt better. It worked.

11:00: Checked mail. Discovered DVD from Netflix. Put it in watched three episodes of Twin Peaks.

1:30 pm: Drove to Taco Bell. Drove back home. Watched another episode of Twin Peaks. Put DVD back in the mail.

3:00: Put on headphones and danced in front of the mirror till I had a really bad coughing fit. FYI I do this any time no one is around. It's fun and good exercise but a bit goofy so I don't like anyone to see me do it.

4:00: Watched Queen of the Damned.

6:00: Took a bath and continued to read book.

7:00: Watched second half of Two Towers. I'd watched the first half a while back when I had a free day also the Battle of Helms Deep is the best part of the movie.

7:30: Made some noodles for dinner.

8:00: Finished Two Towers put in Return of the King.

9:00: Debated opening a bottle of wine (see I was feeling better). Decided against it.

10:00: In bed with book.

11:15: Dave got home with Fiona.

12:00: In Fiona's room trying to get a seriously overstimulated kid to go to sleep. Did not kiss her. Eventually got her to go down around 12:15

1:00 New year day: Sound asleep.

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adrielleroyale said...

Sounds like a mother's bliss :)