Monday, December 6, 2010

You can observe a lot by just watching.-Yogi Berra

Shenanigans at the IHOP

Saturday we discovered that one of my tires had a slow leak so we decided to take it to get fixed and grab lunch at the IHOP while we waited.

While we were waiting for our food the whole staff got all excited, looking at some homeless person out the window, running around finding keys, disabling the alarm on the emergency exit so two waitresses could dart out there after the guy, who was gone by then. We missed it even though we were right next to the window but apparently the homeless guy peed next to the window. Very exciting! Totally worthy of all that hubbub.

Then Fiona decided to see what would happen if she bit in to one of the little plastic creamers. It exploded and sprayed all over Dave and the window. We should have been all stern and told her not to do that but it was just so comical we both lost it. And I mean lost it, the kind of giggles where you can't stop for a ridiculous amount of time and you can't talk and there are tears streaming down you face. The look on Dave's face when it happened....priceless. I wish I could have captured the whole thing on film. We took the rest of the creamers away from her. Dave's comment was R rated so skip to the next paragraph if you think you might be offended. He said, "Now I know how a hooker feels!" That set me off giggling again.

While Dave went to the bathroom to clean himself up I overheard a weird exchange from three old men a few tables away. One guy asked another, "Are you a cop?" When he didn't get a response he said, " I asked you a question." My mind flashed to footage I've seen on a million tv shows where they are running a sting on someone trying to hire a hit man. But they were actually leaving in front of us and I heard them all saying goodbye and it was clear they were family so now I'm just confused rather than concerned that I should call the cops.

Our food was terrible but the tire place didn't charge us to repair the tire so I'd say the entertainment tips the scales toward a good time out.