Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Like a Ninja of love repelling down from above-Love Handle, You Snuck Your Way in to My Heart

There are two kinds of earworm (song that gets stuck in your head).

The kind that is really annoying and makes you want to jab a chop stick in your ear to kill it, generally from children's programing or commercials.

Side note: I remember one time my brother wandered in to the kitchen singing a tampon jingle and my Mom and I had to try to explain to him that he should stop without giving him way more info than he needed at seven.

The other kind of earworm is just as invasive but less painful. It's the kind that is just so darn catchy you have to go buy the song and listen to it 500 times in a row until it looses it's grip on your brain (Friday's post in my case).

Here's a list of some of the earworms that have joined my catalogue for better or worse.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight-The Tokens
Pretty Fly For a White Guy-Offspring
Livin' La Vida Loca-Ricky Martin
Bring Me to Live-Evanescence
How Bizarre-OMC
Stayin' Alive-The BeeGees
These Boots are Made for Walking-Nancy Sinatra
1985-Bowling for Soup
9 to 5-Dolly Parton
Killing Me Softly-The Fugges
Where'd You Go-Fort Minor
Kick the Bass-Julien K
Love Fool-The Cardigans

What gets stuck in your head?


Roses said...

It's not mainstream, but it's catchy:

Younger Son cursed me with this ditty over the summer.

Dani said...

Oh dear! Yeah that has earworm written all over it. What I find amusing is none of those animals is actually eating a burrito.

Roses said...

No burrito!
Maybe that's what makes it taste so good!

LucyLar said...

"Son of a Preacher Man!" That's my earworm. Enjoy your blog.