Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Never judge a book by its movie.-J.W. Eagan

Ya know what annoys me? Okay yeah lots of things but I'm being specific today. I don't like it when they make a movie of a book and then release an edition of the book with a cover showing the actors.

Oh look two people staring at the camera

Oh look one person and half of two stalkers staring at the camera

Oh look Christopher Lee proves that he is the superior actor by staring slightly to the right of the camera

Seriously the original cover art for all these (and many more) was vastly superior.

Note: My feelings on the covert in no way reflect my feelings about the contents of said books. I've read all three more than once. Ya can't go wrong with Tolkien. Eclipse pisses me off but yeah I liked it too and if you've never read the book of the Princess Bride you are missing out big time on some seriously funny writing.


Amy Baldwin said...

yeah I don't like that either!! I thinks its cause I feel like if I have the book before Hollywood got a hold of it I think I discovered something!! I used to have "Wicked" way before it went to broadway! now it has a specific logo, the original cover was so cool, it was like a fairy tale drawing and I loaned it out and never got it back. Karma for the stephen king book i borrowed from you I suppose!!

Dani said...

Didn't I tell you I got it back? When we were down for your wedding I ran out of things to read and was poking around in a stack of books in the guest room (your old room) and found it so I took it home.

You're right there is a feeling of this is mine don't change it. Also someone worked really hard on the cover design. All kinds of people had to approve it and focus group testing. Then they just throw out all the work to slap on a badly staged photo. Not sure why I have art dirrector sympathy but I do. Or maybe it's bad photo anger. I don't know I'm a cranky person!