Monday, July 5, 2010

If Franz Kafka were alive today he'd be writing about customer service.-Jonathan Alter

While we were in Disney world I thought it would be cute to get my Mom a birthday present. Remarkably there wasn't much there that screamed 60 year old woman (I know I was shocked too) so I decided to fall back on getting her a pair of mickey ears with her name on them.

Hold on a sec let me tell you another story first. I sent my parents something or other a while back and my Mom pointed out that I'd spelled Dad's name wrong. She thought it was funny that I didn't know how his name was spelled. I told her, "I know exactly how to spell his name. D A D." As if I ever call the man by his first name. BTW which ever one of them addressed the envelope spelled my last name wrong on the mothers day card they sent me this year so nah nah na na na.

Any way because of that I decided to avoid the whole possibly misspelled name issue by having them embroider Grandma instead. You would not believe the confusion this caused. I'm fairly sure English was not the first language of the girl who wrote down the order also it was pretty noisy in the shop. Luckily I was getting a hat for Fiona too. When it was ready I mentioned that the next one saying Grandma was also mine.

Shop Girl 1: Grandma or Grandmam?

Me: Grandma

Shop Girl 2: G R A N D M A M

Me: No. G R A N D M A

Shop Girl 2: (stepping out from behind the counter to show me the order) See G R A N D M A M

Me: Take the last M off. I didn't ask for the M. I didn't pay for the M. I don't want the M. I want it to say Grandma.

They did get it right and I appreciate them making absolutely sure that they were giving me what I wanted. But really who the heck says Grandmam?


Leeann said...

I have always called my husband by our last name, because that's how we were introduced and it stuck. My grandmother, bless her little heart, would send him cards and gifts addressed to "Smith Smith". She honestly thought that was his name.
"Honey," she asked me once "What was WRONG with his mother?"
"She stutters" I replied.

Dani said...

Lol I could have the exact same type of conversation with my Grandma.

Actually when Dave and I met I had a cat who's first name was the same as Dave's last name and I joked that I wanted to get married just so I could announce at the wedding that the cat would be keeping my last name.

Roses said...

That's like a CakeWreck, only on a hat! You got a HatWreck!

Dani said...

OMG you're right! & Jen would love it she's a Disney geek (among other things).

Love cakewrecks which is funny because I don't actually like cake much.