Friday, July 2, 2010

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.-Eustache Deschamps

This morning as I was getting Fiona in the car to go to daycare she was admiring my necklace. I told her it was a gift from a friend who had bought it in Ireland which is a long way away. Then it occurred to me that I haven't seen the friend in question in ten or more years.

As I drove in to work something they were talking about on the radio made me think of another friend. And again I was startled to realize I hadn't seen the friend in question in at least a decade.

I started to wonder what the statute of limitations is on friendship.

I have friends I don't see for years at a time but when I do see them it's as if no time has passed at all.

I have had friends who I lost touch with but eventually bumped in to again only to discover they didn't want to renew the friendship. Those hurt and make me wish I could continue remembering things as they were.

I have friends on line (many of you in fact) who I've never actually met in person but would love to if I had the chance.

I guess for me friends are people I like. Not meeting them for a long time (or in fact ever) doesn't stop that. And really good friends are family.


Amy Baldwin said...

Dani, What a great post! I totally agree. In fact I was speaking to Melissa over here a while back about just this... we agreed a REAL friend doesn't care how much time passes between actually meeting up, things are the same every time you see them.
I love my friends :)

Roses said...

P.S. Love the quote, today. It's perfect.

Roses said...

I agree with everything you said.

Of course, got me thinking sad thoughts...
The last time I wondered what an old friend was up to, I Googled his name and found his obit. :(

Dani said...

Amy-I'm glad you liked it. I haven't had the time to work on my posts for a while but this one felt good to me.

Roses-That's so sad. One time I was writing a post about a friend I'd lost touch with when out of the blue she contacted me so that was cool. Re the quote-I KNOW! I was so stoked when I found that one and it was just what I needed.