Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Never put a sock in a toaster.-Eddie Izzard

Dear Fuzzy Warm Socks,

I love you I really do. You make wandering around the house in winter a fluffy marshmallow treat. Sometimes when I get in bed I think it is warm enough to leave you in the drawer but then I discover that I am wrong but it IS to cold to get out of bed and get you. Please know that this doesn't mean I don't care about you. It means I want Dave to go get you and clearly he doesn't love you as much as I do because he wont' do it.

With All My Love


Roses said...

Geez. The man gets a job and suddenly he's too good to fetch your socks?

Let's hope he gets his priorities in order soon!


Dani said...

This is my point.

Schelle said...

store them under your pillow! then solved

Dani said...

Actually I have been know to but of corse that's never when my feet are cold. Murphy (as in law) also does socks.