Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The First Law of Pies: 'No Pastry, No Pie.-Janet Clarkson

Conversation with a developmentally disabled young man with a speech impediment in the supermarket (No I'm not making fun of him, how dare you)

Special young man: Scuse me

Me: (nearvously) yes

SYM: Where's a fhdfgldgo

Me: Ummmm

SYM: yu know the szdlfjzxfgjaz

Me: I'm sorry

SYM: The (pokes self in stomach and makes giggling noises)

Me: Oooooh the pilsbury products

SYM: Yeah (nodding enthusiastically)

Me: Yeah if you turn right here and walk to the other end of the store they are on your left.

SYM: tak yu (wanders off happily)

I hope he enjoyed his cookies or whatever.


TK said...

You are a sweet person

Roses said...

I just think it's funny you posted something with "pie" in the title the same day I did.

(No, it doesn't take much to amuse me.)

Dani said...

TK-Sweet as pie lol

Roses-I know I though it was weird too but in a cool(whip) way. Sorry that was a bad pun, bad bad pun.