Monday, January 11, 2010

Lost In Translation

Fiona: Spankin, spankin, spankin

Dave: Spanking?

Fiona: Yeah, spankin

Dave: You want a spanking?

Fiona: Yeah, spankin (pointing)

Dave: Do you mean blanket?

Fiona: Yeah, bankin

Dave: Those are two completely different things. I don't think you want to get them confused.

Note: No we don't spank her


Amy Baldwin said...

HA ha ha!! I love it, I can totally visualize that conversation in my mind. she is sooo cute!!

Roses said...

Of course, you may want to go over this again before she and her husband spend their first cold winter night together.

"It's three below zero and you want what in bed?"

Dani said...

Very very true!